Monday, July 21, 2008

Headaches for UMNO in Penang

The Penang state legislative council begin its meeting today, and for the second time in history, UMNO and Barisan Nasional/Pakatan is made into opposition in the hall.

Wonderful !

Thanks to the overwhelming support of Penangites, we managed to get rid of UMNO and it's dogs from administrating, some said killing of Penang state.

From now till 31 of July 2008, do point your browser to the following links to see for yourself how UMNO, as the sole representative from Barisan Nasional, which also is the opposition party in Penang state, reacts to the truth that was hidden to the public by the previous BN administration.

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Monday, July 07, 2008

Accelerating Penang - Step 1: Cleanliness

The image above was taken at Gurney Drive on Sunday, 6th July 2008. over 1/2 of Gurney Drive esplanade is covered with 50 meters wide of sludge and mud, no thanks to the land reclamation project along Tanjung Tokong.

A while back one Gerakan linked political analyst, Gavin Khoo called for ways to make Penang a better place to live since it was neglected by Barisan Nasional government for nearly 2 decades.

The first being Cleanliness.

Well Mr Khoo, the current state administration heard you, and ADUN of Pulau Tikus, Mr Koay Teng Hai and his service team took the initiative to organize a cleanup Gurney Drive event on the same day.

This is the good start for the state of Penang. Kudos to Mr Koay Teng Hai and his team for doing a good deed to clean up Penang, our island, our home.