Sunday, August 14, 2005

A slightly better Sunday in Penang

Thanks to an early morning rain, the air quality is slightly better than yesterday.

At 1100am today, Gurney Drive looks like this.

Esplanade looks like this around 11:30 am, Saturday, 13 August 2005.

Esplanade looks like this today at 11:30 am, Sunday, 14 August 2005.

Penang state museum was visible on the left, but MWE Plaza and Citybayview Hotel, which are a mere 500m away, were barely visible yesterday:(

All 3 buildings are visible today :D

80,000 fans attended the 8TV 8 E-news Summer 'Live' Concert 2005 on Saturday evening.

Look at what the fans leaves behind. Penang Darul Sampah !

Contributors to the ever worsening traffic condition in Penang

These photos were taken along Jalan Anson and nearby Jalan Westland. There are 3 car parks nearby this strech of road where double yellow lines are clearly visible, but yet these 'kiamsiap' or 'gonglan' drivers can't afford RM 2 to park their cars at nearby parking lots at Garden Inn Hotel, Restoran Zim Sum and Anson Park ?



PGD7969 & PFM5356

PFY9556, PGM811 & PDE5832

Freaking b*stards owner/drivers. If you can not afford RM 2.00 for parking, don't bring your car out and jam up the whole of Penang.