Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Messups x 1 : Penang "Malfunctioned" Bus System

We have read in the numerous papers that Penang state executive councilor Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan ( whom is rumoured to be the next Penang Chief Minister if the Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon gets 'elevated' to the cabinet after he takes over the from Datuk Sri Lim Keng Yik as the President of Parti Gerkan Rakyat Malaysia) openly admitted to his failure to fix the Penang public bus system.

Couple that with the refusal by The Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives Ministry on a request by the Penang government to have "full authority" over the inefficient public bus service in the state, your chance of striking 1st price in 4D is higher than seeing the Penang bus service gets improved.

It is nearing a month since the the last piece of news on the bus system revamp was published on the website. Pretty darn sure that a gag orders had been issued to the press to 'silenced off' the criticisms from affected quaters, even The Star also 'cooled down', with hope that the public will 'forget' that the problem ever existed and live happily ever after.

Not anymore this time round, vowed a group of Penangites that had suffered for the past decade.

I received this invitation by Ong BK, who is a famous NGO fighter in his own right.

Halo friends,
Protest against Penang 's non-functioning bus system

There has been enough of talk to give the non-functioning bus operators some more chances –yet it is clear to all bus users & Penangites that there is no use flogging a dead horse! A system change is needed –a real reform for our dying public transport system. Nothing less –let's send this message out loud and clear at this Friday's protest , 11-8-06 12.00noon, at Penang Rd, below KOMTAR, at Pedestrian crossing. Enq.013-5900339! See you there !

All welcome ! Please forward to more friends !

Yours sincerely,
Ong BK
Coalition for Public Transport Reform (CPT-R)