Tuesday, November 13, 2007

UMNO owns your escape route

If your property is situated next to an UMNO property, then you got to be worried.

This is the mid enterance to UMNO bahagian Tanjung, official address is Lebuh Bishop, but yet the "brains" behind the building decided to open an "official" enterance facing Jalan Mejid Kapitan Keling.

Now this area measuring 20" x 10" square is not UMNO's property but public area. Their neighours are robbed from using the public space and their rear exit had been reduced to a mere 3" wide space, as can see on the second pics.

Much had be reported in the press this matter, highlighted by Democratic Action Party of Penang, the MPPP President is made known about this, Penang State Government also knows about it ...

But yet ... this building still remains, and no one dare to touch it ... unlike the 2 kuils in Shah Alam ...

So MPPP, are you still asleep ?