Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Is this the reason why Sg Pinang Bridge project Stalled ?

Penang state Exco member Koay Kar Huah, Chairman of Public Works, Utilities (Energy, Water, Telecommunication) and Transportation (Air, Sea & Railway) Committee was last heard reading that the Sg Pinang Steel Bridge project stalled because of 'communication' problem.

淡水港铁桥进度慢 郭家骅:工程延误乃沟通出问题

If you drive past the current steel bridge, you notice this small mosque on your right just after the bridge.

The back of the mosque used to be a factory with big chimney if memory serves me right, and in recent months the site had be cleared and made into a multimillion dollar Toyota showroom.

It is kinda obvious that this mosque is blocking the development, so will the government have balls to 'relocate' this mosque like what they did to places of worship of other religion ? ;)

Your thoughs ?