Friday, March 24, 2006

Order of the city in the hands of these people

Citizen of Penang, particularly George Town dwellers, will have to deal with these people for the next 24 months.

These ladies and gentlemen, presumably experienced hands in dealing with urban planning and management were appointed by the BN government to take up office for the next 2 years.

According to the Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan, he entrust incoming MPPP President, Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan, who has vast experience in various departments in federal and state governments, with his last appointment as Negeri Sembilan Land and Mineral office chief.

MPPP President 2006-2007, Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan

He will take over from Ahmad Phesal, whose notable creations includes Salted Dug Eggs, Gigantic Yeast Infested Penis, Giant cement seashells, just to name a few, Each of these eyesores cost no less than RM 300,000 of tax payers monies while generate absolute ZERO return.

As usual, any incoming MPPP president will come with a plan. What Abu Bakar 'dreamed' for Georgetown in the next 24 months are:

  • Most advance state/city in Malaysia

  • Cleanest state/city in Malaysia

  • Best place to live in Malaysia

Just like Air Asia Motto: Now everyone can fly, Abu Bakar deserves to dream.

However, Air Asia can send everyone to their destination, can Abu Bakar realise his dream?

Will he be the one man that can deliver that previous Prime Minister of Malaysia + Penang Chief Minister + 5 MPPP presidents collectively failed to deliver for nearly 2 decades?