Saturday, August 27, 2005

The RM 350,000.00 'Salted Duck Egg' 咸鸭蛋

These artistic Pinang (Betel Nut) fruit, which looks like metalic salted duck eggs cost the tax payers RM 350,000.00

These organic salted duck eggs cost me RM 1.70

According to Kwong Wah Yit Poh, the 4.8 m tall pinang fruit will be the latest landmark in Penang. Built with a pricetag of RM 350,000.00 from MPPP, it will be officitiate by Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan coming Sunday evening in conjunction of Penang Shine Walk event.

Do we really need another useless eyesore ?

Hasn't the MPPP learn from the past mistakes ? We had had enough the neon colored palm trees at Gurney Drive roundabout, eerie green bamboo plots at the junction of Macalister Road / Peel Avenue, Seagulls that seems to fly to nowhere along Jelutong Expressway and musrooms that looks more like erected penis at the RECSAM roundabout, and now we get this big 'metalic salted duck egg' 咸鸭蛋

RM 350,000.00 is alot of money, it is much better spent to upgrade the facilities at Jubilee Old Folks Home in Sungai Dua, that will make the residents a bunch of happy old folks for the Merdeka day.

Does this salted duck egg 咸鸭蛋 reflect the ever degrading state of affair in Penang ?

Chief Minister to open his 'gigantic fruit' for all to see at Malaysia Voters Union

Traffic offenders of the week

These photos were taken after I finish dealing with some bloodsucker along Beach Street. Either the polis are too busy or simply apply the 3B motto :

  • Boh Chap ( Don't Care )

  • Boh Kuan ( Don't Mind )

  • Boh Bak Kua ( No eye see )

PQ 1 Waiting at the Bus Stop. The owner of this Proton Perdana must be some big ball fella since normal tax paying citizen of Penang can't afford to have a number plate of 1. There is a fella at the driver seat but that does not give him the right to stop at the free shuttle lot

PGA 3255 Another big ball fella which is color blind, blinded by the color yellow.

PEH 4672 Superb parking skill, can park at the corner next to the round about and pretended to be blind.

WMB 4583 Know why there is always jam near the Pasar Chowrasta strech in Penang Road ? This dumb arse driver tripple parked and decided to exit his car just like that.

Hooray !!! Penang Leads !!!

We worsen ourselves from Penang Darul Sampah to Penang Darul Parking Lot