Tuesday, October 11, 2005

How many seashells can you get for RM 500,000 ?

The answer : 12 giant cement made seashells

No that long ago Penang was honoured with (a) 2 groups of 'metalic hibiscus', but to the public looks more like yeast infested penis & (b) a couple of metalic betel nuts, which however the bulk of Penangites thinks the art piece looks more like 'salted duck eggs'.

(a)Metalic Hibiscus along RECSAM roundabout at RM 300,000

(b)Metalic Betel Nuts not far from Penang Legislative Council at RM 350,000

But wait, our creative city council have more in the bag, the latest 'creation' for us all is the RM 500,000.00 worth of cement sea shells.

These cement seashells are erected at an vacant plot opposite of St xaviers Institution / Citybayview Hotel in Farquar Street. The area used to field some greens and well shaded. It was frequented by trishaw riders for a nap in the hot and humid afternoon.

What wonders the Penangites are why these cement structures erected at a place where there is no beach in view but the next 10km up north ? even so I doubt that many would dare to dip in the water considering that the only sewage treatment plant on the island, which is located along Jelutong expressway, is scheduled to get ready by 2007.

It was mentioned in the press that MPPP Council president Datuk Ahmad Phesal Talib said the need to increase assessment is necessary to cover the escalating cost of the council's expenditures.

Yeah right, Mr President, stop giving excuses, you can help save up RM 1.15 million by canning these ugly and useless beautification projects !

[Supporting News]
Council may remove hibiscus structures

Thursday, May 19, 2005
The Penang Municipal Council may remove some of the hibiscus structures at the Jalan Udini Road roundabout if they do not blend with the surroundings.
Its president Datuk Ahmad Phesal Talib said the council was in the middle of implementing its beautification project at the roundabout.
“We are only at the beginning stage of landscaping and the public should give us a chance to finish the project before making negative remarks about the design.
“However, we may remove some of the structures if they are viewed as obscene or offensive,” he said yesterday.
Ahmad Phesal said the cylindrical structures were meant to light up the area at night, and the coloured lights in the cylinders would later be synchronised with other lights

Saturday July 30, 2005 - Pinang ‘fruits’ for roundabout
By Priscilla Dielenberg

A FOUNTAIN with a 4.8m-high metal structure re-sembling giant pinang fruits will be erected at the roundabout next to the clock tower at King Edward's Place in George Town.
The Penang Municipal Council’s landscaping, beautification and recreation committee alternate chairman Lim Kean Guan said work on the roundabout was scheduled for completion before National Day.
“We decided on a pinang structure because of its significance in the state.
“More than 20 mature pinang trees will be planted in the area,” he said, adding that the project would cost about RM350,000.
”The roundabout used to feature flowers but flowers do not represent anything, they just look nice,” he said.

Higher assessment rates for Penang
by Siow Yuen Ching of The Star

PENANG:Property owners on Penang island will have to pay higher assessment rates next year, with increase ranging from 2.9% to 6.4%.
With the increase, Penang Municipal Council expects to collect a total of RM115.4mil in assessment rates next year, an 8% increase from this year.
Council president Datuk Ahmad Phesal Talib said the increase was necessary to cover the escalating cost of the council's expenditures.
This increase in assessment rate will be the third over the past 12 years.
The last increment was in 2000.