Monday, August 13, 2007

The RM 350,000.00 'Salted Duck Egg' - 700 odd days later

I got a tipoff from a little bird about this infamous junk which I blogged about approximately 2 years back that its fountain failed to operate, and so I went to investigate myself

Day time, no water off the fountain

Night time, also no water from the fountain.

Erm Mr Zainal Rahim Seman, your immediate reaction is much needed now.

note : You come help me to notify Mr Seman on this matter

Update :
The water is back as of 31 August 2007. Strangely no one come take credit to it, so on behalf of the tax payers that funded this project, I would like to say thank you to MPPP president for repairing the failed fountain, god knows how much the tax payers has to foot for the repair bill.
Update again on 15 Sept 2007
The water fountain is out of water again :(