Thursday, January 06, 2005

The root cause of chaotic traffic at Prangin Mall

The root cause of chaotic traffic at Prangin Mall

I frequent Prangin Mall. It is located in the heart of the city, have plenty of food stores, affordable chinese made goods, abundant of mobile phone shops, VCD/DVD centers and not to mention, electronic gambling dents.

However, what I hated most is the time / process of getting there.

Prangin mall underground parking facility is the MOST EXPENSIVE parking lot among all the major malls in Penang.

1st 45 minutes RM 1.00, subsequent 1/2 hour, kena or-kong RM 1.00, imagine if you go for a movie and spend 3 hours over there, parking fee alone will be like RM 6.00 ... what the fuck is this ? even worst than PLUS Highway !!!

Next, look at the screen shot ... double yellow line in Penang means you can legally position your vehecal, be it the lang chia, or Plotong , or mini bus or even the lau yeah 30 year old Hin Company bus can clog up the road, turn the 4 lane road in to a single lane big enuf 2 fit a honda kup.

Don't blame the polis for not doing their job, it is the mindset that the ugly Penang lang, including myself have to change.

If I were to made the city council enforcement officer, I shall issue on the spot fine of RM 50.00, don't have to give face one, those fuckers never bother to be considerate, then fuck them with RM 50.00, if they are big balls and park their vehecals at double yellow line zones, tow away the fucker's car ... let them cry until no tears come ...